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顧客的隱私非常重要,因此Boonty, Inc. ("Boonty") 設立了以下隱私政策讓顧客了解,當顧客登入訪問本網站的重要遊戲章節或使用服務時,本網站需要收集顧客哪方面的資料以及需求原因及怎樣處理這些資料的。

Your privacy is important, so Boonty, Inc. ("Boonty") has created the following Privacy Policy to let you know what information we collect when you visit our major title section of the Site and use our Services, why we collect it and how it is used.


這則隱私政策解釋了數據的收集和使用於網站上的重要遊戲章節中( "網頁" 位於網址 http://tw.boonty.com/) 以及運用於廣告和網頁內容及網路服務連接的數據收集(整體來說,“網路服務”);這些信息不會被用於其它在線或離線Boonty/BoontyGames的網頁上,例如Boonty Inc.網頁,BoontyGames網頁,以及產品或服務中。本網站國際用戶必須同意在受此隱私政策的限制下,才能使用本網站上的服務。 此項政策受美國聯邦法律直接保護。在其它由Boonty所提供的在線或離線的網頁,產品或服務中,顧客需完全受隱私政策的限制,因此,顧客必須同意完全遵守此項規則。

This Privacy Policy explains the data collection and use practices of the Major Titles section Web Site (the "Site," located at http://tw.boonty.com) and the data collected and used in connection with advertising and content on the Site and any related services (collectively, the "Services"); it does not apply to other online or offline Boonty/BoontyGames sites like the Boonty Inc. website, products or services. International users of the Site agree by using the Site to be bound by this privacy policy which is governed by U.S. federal law. In the event other online or offline sites, products or services offer Boonty products or services, you shall be bound by this privacy policy and any other applicable privacy policy and in the event of a conflict between such policies, you hereby agree that this policy shall govern.


術語表達“你”,“你的”,和“你的產品”分別指顧客/本網站的使用收購者。術語表達"Boonty",“我們”,“我們” 和“我們的”分別指Boonty和其子公司。這項隱私政策全權受TOU置於http://tw.boonty.com/.所管制。使用本網站,客戶必須贊同以上陳述中的數據收集指示。Boonty可能會定時地修改這項隱私政策,修改的部分會呈現在本頁中。顧客有責任定時地回顧這項隱私政策,了解任何更改部分,因此,Boonty建議顧客定時訪問此網頁。

The terms "you," "your," and "yours" refer to the customer/purchaser utilizing our Site. The terms "Boonty", "we," "us," and "our" refer to Boonty and its subsidiaries and affiliates. This Privacy Policy is governed by our Terms of Use located at http://tw.boonty.com/. By using this web site, you consent to the data practices prescribed in this statement. We may periodically make changes to this Privacy Policy that we will include on this page. It is your responsibility to review this Privacy Policy frequently and remain informed about any changes to it, so we encourage you to visit this page often.


顧客同意此則隱私政策 Your Consent To This Privacy Policy. 只有在顧客同意此則隱私政策的前提下,才能使用本網站。這是本公司最完整的最高級別的隱私政策,已取代了之前的政策版本。本網站的服務說明優先於隱私政策,當其內容發生衝突時。本網站可能修改這則隱私政策,在此網頁上張貼新的隱私政策,顧客有責任定期閱覽此網頁,了解新的隱私政策。

By using this Site, you agree to this Privacy Policy. This is our entire and exclusive Privacy Policy and it supersedes any earlier version. Our Terms of Use take precedence over any conflicting Privacy Policy provision. We may change this Privacy Policy by posting a new version of this Privacy Policy on this Site, which it is your responsibility to review.


需要收集哪些信息? What Information Is Collected? "個人鑑別資料信息"的意思是任何可以用來鑑別個體,包括個人的姓名,家庭或其它地址,郵件地址,電話號碼,或其它聯繫方式,可以是工作單位的也可以是居家的任何信息。當客戶註冊使用本網站的服務時,Boonty可能會收集以下的個人鑑別資料信息:顧客姓名,電子郵件地址,郵件地址,電話號碼,年齡和性別。本網站會追蹤客戶下載遊戲的類型和次數,以幫助追蹤遊戲的銷量,下載等,也會使用這些信息。以及關於顧客年齡,性別,職稱,受教育程度,地理位置,電腦設備數據和線上的遊戲興趣,活動等信息,給遊戲發行商提供遊戲者大致的參考資料,也作為本網站提供顧客更多優秀產品及服務的基礎。本網站根據顧客電腦的硬體構造,包括操作系統的版本,視頻的編碼種類,處理器,內存空間,Windows資源管理器的版本,視頻卡類型和聲卡類型,收集相關的資料,從中本網站可以確認電腦遊戲安裝是否遵從本網站的終極用戶執照協議。本網站也可能收集有關顧客對相應服務付款方面的訊息,例如顧客的付款方式和收帳單的地址。如果使用信用卡付帳,本站會詢問信用卡種類,卡號,和有效期。本站也通過電子轉帳系統徵收款項,在這種情況下,本站會收集有關帳戶類型,帳號,路線號和服務級別方面的資料。這些有關付款方面的訊息可能會與其它提供這些有關付款服務的機構分享。偶爾,本站也提供一些遊戲競賽會向顧客索取有關顧客姓名,生日,地址,住址電話號碼或手機號碼,或顧客喜歡的遊戲種類等方面的資料。同時,本站也會發送一些調查表,希望顧客提供的信息可以幫助本網站更清楚地了解顧客的需求,本站可能會問及顧客的年齡,性別,受教育程度,職稱,電腦設備數據和線上的遊戲興趣,線上活動,線上訂購活動,所使用的電腦遊戲,電腦遊戲參照和電腦遊戲訂購活動,本站可能會與其它協助本站發送郵件的機構分享顧客的電子郵件地址。個人鑑別資料信息是用來註冊客戶用戶名,設置付款服務,以及讓本網站了解用戶的資料和用戶對本網站服務和產品的需求。同時,當遇到客戶提供任何有關版權,商標侵權的通告或其它違法行為的事件中,本網站可以和其它法制機構分享客戶的聯繫方式。Boonty也會通過用戶的瀏覽器自動接收和記錄用戶的登入情況,包括客戶的網際協議地址,和顧客的請求。用戶可以拒絕提供一些選擇性的信息,但是用戶可能會喪失一些特殊的權益。

"Personally Identifiable Information" means any information that may be used to identify an individual, including, but not limited to, a first and last name, home or other physical address, an email address, phone number or other contact information, whether at work or at home. Boonty may collect the following Personally Identifiable Information from you when you register to use our Site and Services: your name, e-mail address, mailing address, telephone number, age and gender. We also keep track of the type and number of videogames you download to help us track sales, downloads, etc. and may use such information, as well as information regarding your age, gender, occupation, education level, geographic location, computer equipment data and on-line and video game interests, activities and practices, to provide general audience preference information to game publishers as part of our effort to provide you with the best possible products and service. We collect information regarding your hardware configuration, including but not limited to OS version, type of coding for video, processor, memory size, explorer version, video card type and sound card type, so that we can confirm that the videogames are being installed in accordance with our End User License Agreement. We may also collect information related to how you will pay for the Services, such as your payment type and billing address. If paid by credit card, we shall ask you for the card type, card number and expiration date. We also may offer payment by electronic funds transfer, in which case the information collected may include, but is not limited to, account type, account number, routing number, and level of service. This payment information may be shared with third parties who provide payment services. As part of the contests we may occasionally offer, you may be asked to provide your name, birth date, address, home and cellular telephone number and genre of games you like to play. As part of an optional questionnaire we may send to you in order to help us better understand the needs and preferences of our customers, we may ask you for your age, gender, educational level, occupation, computer equipment, on-line interests, on-line activities, on-line purchasing practices, video game use, video game preferences and video game purchasing practices, ? We may share your e-mail address with third party e-mail carriers who assist us with sending e-mails to our customers. This Personally Identifiable Information is used in order to register you as a user of the Site and Services, to set up your payment for the Services and to give us a sense of who our customers are and what are customers are looking for from our Site, Services and products. Also, in the event we receive a copyright and/or trademark infringement notice or other notice of any legal claim relating to content provided by you, we may share your contact information with the parties involved in the applicable dispute. Boonty also automatically receives and records information on our server logs from your browser, including your IP address, cookie information and the page you request. You can choose not to provide us with certain information, but then you might not be able to take advantage of many of our features.


用戶所提供的訊息會被如何使用? How Is Such Information Used? 據以上所述,本網站為了提供更好的網路服務,需要收集用戶的個人資料。例如,本站利用這些資料使網路服務私有化,當用戶遇到任何困難時,服務人員及時地幫助(例如,用戶不能成功解鎖遊戲),同時也為執行本站的服務說明,和用戶更好地交流,更新或修改管理條文以及更改本站的網路服務。本站也會將客戶信息同其它提供付款服務的機構分享,同時會告知這些機構,此客戶下載的電腦遊戲的類型和數量,以及用戶的年齡,性別,職稱,受教育程度,地理位置,電腦設備數據和和在線的遊戲興趣,在線活動,在線訂購活動,所使用的電腦遊戲,電腦遊戲參照和電腦遊戲訂購活動。同時,本站可能會與其它協助本站發送郵件的機構分享顧客的電子郵件地址。Boonty旗下的機構和委員會將不視為第三機構,可任意分享用戶資料,因此不需要徵求客戶的額外同意。在某些方面,客戶可以選擇Boonty的其他用戶瀏覽註冊信息。在這種情況下,在註冊的程序中本網站會告知用戶,讓用戶決定是否顯示這些個人信息。

We gather the information discussed above for purposes of providing and improving our service. For example, we use it to personalize our service, to provide service to users who encounter problems with the platform (e.g., the user has trouble unlocking a game), to enforce our Terms of Use and to communicate with users about updates or changes in the policies and changes to our service. We also may share payment information with third parties who provide payment services and share aggregate data regarding the type and number of videogames you download, your age, gender, occupation, education level, geographic location, computer equipment data and on-line and video game interests, activities and practices to game publishers. In addition, we share e-mail addresses with third party e-mail carriers who assist us in sending out our e-mails to many of our customers at the same time. Subsidiaries and controlled affiliates are not viewed as third parties for the purpose of data transfers, and hence personal information may be shared within those subsidiaries and affiliates without obtaining additional consent. In certain areas, you may choose to allow other Boonty users to see the registration information you provide. In such cases, we will notify you during the registration process and allow you to determine the information you wish to be displayed.


用戶所提供的訊息是共享或洩露? Is The Information Shared or Disclosed? Boonty不會因為市場的目的同第三機構出租,販賣或分享顧客的個人信息,除非終極用戶同意以上交易。但有時,Boonty也會將顧客的個人信息傳達給雇佣的,幫助Boonty服務顧客的第三機構;然而,這些第三機構絕不會利用這些信息進行自己的市場目的。從顧客身上獲取的個人信息,僅為服務顧客為目的,絕對服從任何法律的規定,只是為償付雇佣的第三機構,所提供的數據(例如, 遊戲參照,年齡,性別,受教育程度,職稱,電腦設備數據和和在線的遊戲興趣,在線活動,在線訂購活動,所使用的電腦遊戲,電腦遊戲參照和電腦遊戲訂購活動,但不包括姓名或聯繫方式)只是為方便遊戲發行者進行資料調查。Boonty會洩露顧客的個人信息,只有當法律要求的時候或如此行為對: (1)服從法律條令或服從Boonty網站上的任何法律程序; (2)維護權益或Boonty的產權;或 (3)在緊急情況下有必要時維護Boonty用戶在公共網站上的安全性。如果Boonty遭受破產或被其他公司所合併,Boonty的資產也隨之被收購,在這種情況下,本網站可能會將客戶個人鑑別信息販賣或同合併的第三機構分享。

Boonty does not rent, sell or share personal information it collects about you to or with third parties for marketing purposes, unless agreed by the end user. From time to time, Boonty may disclose personal information to third parties it has hired to assist Boonty in serving you; however, these third parties will never use this information for their own marketing purposes. Information and data collected from you is only used to provide and improve our service, to comply with any requirements of law, to determine commissions for third parties and to provide aggregate data (i.e., game preferences, age, gender, geographic location, education, occupation, computer equipment and on-line and video game interests, activities and purchases, but not name or contact information) to game producers for their market research purposes. Boonty may disclose personal information if required to do so by law or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary to: (1) conform to the edicts of the law or comply with legal process served on Boonty or this web site; (2) protect and defend the rights or property of Boonty; or (3) act in urgent circumstances to protect the personal safety of users of Boonty, its web sites or the public. If Boonty should ever file for bankruptcy, merge with another company or have all or substantially all of its assets acquired by another company, we may sell the information you provide to us on this Site to a successor in interest or other third party or share your Personally Identifiable Information with any company with whom we merge.


訪問和選擇 Access and Choice. 顧客可以通過發送註冊的信件到網頁發行公司或發送郵件到personalinfo@boonty.com更新或修改個人信息。請注意,以上的郵件地址不會對客戶的疑問做出任何回答;如顧客有任何疑問,請將其疑問發送至http://tw.boonty.com/contact.php。請注意:保密政策和顧客在本網站上所做出的選擇並不適用於顧客對其它與Boonty獨立的機構,產品或服務所提供的個人信息。當顧客與Boonty聯繫更改個人信息時,請註明顧客是否想要更改所有針對Boonty不同產品和服務,或只是當顧客註冊登入本網站時所註冊的個人信息。

You may update, correct, or amend your personal information by sending a registered letter to the web-publishing company or by sending an e-mail to rq_info @ boonty.com. Please note that the latter e-mail address is not intended for and will not respond to customer inquiries; rather, customer inquiries should be directed to http://tw.boonty.com/contact.php. Please be aware that this Privacy Policy and the choices you make on this web site will not necessarily apply to personal information you may have provided to Boonty in the context of other, separately operated, Boonty products or services. When contacting Boonty to change your personal information, please make sure to specify whether you would like to change your personal information for all Boonty products and services, or only the information that you supplied when registering to use the Site.


客戶訊息的安全性 The Security of Your Information. 當使用可將輸入訊息轉換成密碼字符的加密軟體進行款項交易時,Boonty維護客戶的一切付款和財務訊息的安全。同時,只有Boonty工作人員持有許可因商業和顧客服務目的需要訪問顧客個人信息時,顧客信息才被釋放。本站只會與其它協助本站發送郵件的機構分享顧客的電子郵件地址。Boonty通過在系統上消除信用卡號,維護信用卡不涉及到任何的詐騙事件。沒有任何安全測試可以百分百地排除詐騙行為。因此,Boonty不對任何在其控制範圍能力外的事件負責任,包括安全測試失敗,惡意的行為或駭客有意的不正當行為。

Boonty protects the security of your payment and financial information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts the information you input. In addition, access to customer data is restricted to Boonty employees with permission to access customer data for business and customer support purposes. Your e-mail address only may be shared with third party carriers of e-mails who assist us in sending e-mails from Boonty to our customers. Boonty protects against credit card fraud by not maintaining credit card numbers on its system. No security measures are completely fail-safe or impervious to circumvention. We are not responsible for events beyond our control, including without limitation, failure of security measures, the malicious acts or willful misconduct of hackers or any other person.


兒童 Children. 兒童可以在不提供任何個人鑑別信息的情況下訪問本網站。然而,在某些網頁部分仍然需要兒童提供個人鑑別信息,才可以參與一定的網路活動或下載電腦遊戲。Boonty不會向13歲以下的兒童索取過多的個人鑑別信息,13歲以下的兒童只需提供必不可少的個人信息以成功參與Boonty在線的網路活動。本網站向兒童索取的人鑑別信息只包括姓名,電子郵件地址,郵件地址,電話號碼,年齡和性別。通過這些信息,本網站才能取得兒童家長的同意,是否能夠向兒童索取以上信息,或能在未來聯繫兒童,核實他們的年齡,以有資格進行“收集哪方面的信息”的收集。本網站將始終尊敬兒童父母的請求: (1) Boonty從兒童手中獲取的個人信息的具體情況描述;和 (2)從網站數據中刪除從兒童手中獲取的信息。. 如果父母想要凍結其孩子的用戶名帳戶,請發送郵件至parents @ boonty.com說明家長想要凍結其孩子的用戶名帳戶。家長可以發送郵件至to parents @ boonty.com獲取其孩子提供的個人鑑別信息資料。Boonty會徵求家長的同意收集孩子的信息,使用或洩露孩子的個人鑑別信息。

Children can use the Site and view content without any Personally Identifiable Information being collected. However, in some areas of the Site it is necessary to collect Personally Identifiable Information from children so that they can participate in an activity or download a videogame. Boonty does not collect more Personally Identifiable Information from children under the age of 13 than is necessary for them to participate in Boonty's online activities. The Personally Identifiable Information we may collect from a child is their name, e-mail address, mailing address, telephone number, age and gender. We collect this information so that we can contact their parent to receive permission to collect such information from the child, to contact the child in the future and to verify their age and for the purposes set forth in the Section entitled "What Information Is Collected?". We will always honor a parent's request for: (1) a description of the specific types of personal information collected from their child by Boonty; and (2) removal of the information collected about their child from our database. If you would like to deactivate your child's account, send an email to parents @ boonty.com explaining that you want to deactivate your child's account. Parents may obtain any Personally Identifiable Information collected from their child by sending an email to parents @ boonty.com requesting the Personally Identifiable Information. Boonty will obtain verifiable parental consent for the collection, use or disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information from a child.


Cookies是當你登入本網站時,一些儲藏在用戶瀏覽器中的文字文件。本網站使用Cookies去改進網頁,使網頁能更容易地使用。Cookies使網站能識別用戶,避免對同樣信息的重複請求。本網站通常使用"session cookies",經過登入訪問的數月後,可以自動刪除。本網站的Cookies不能被其它網站識別,因為本網站的Cookies自動連接Boonty的域名。大多數瀏覽器接收cookies,除非用戶設置瀏覽器拒絕接收cookies。

Cookies are small text files stored by your browser in your computer when you visit our Site. We use cookies to improve our Site and make it easier to use. Cookies permit us to recognize users and avoid repetitive requests for the same information. We mostly use "session cookies" that are automatically deleted several month after the visit. Cookies from our Site cannot be read by other Sites as they tie automatically to Boonty's domain name. Most browsers will accept cookies until you change your browser settings to refuse them.


Boonty的聯繫方式 Contacting Boonty. 如果用戶認為Boonty 沒有執行保密政策,請透過電子郵件聯繫本網站 privacy @ boonty.com 郵件給以下地址:

If you believe that Boonty has not adhered to this Privacy Policy, please contact us by email at privacy @ boonty.com or by postal mail at:

Boonty Asia Pte Ltd (Privacy Policy)

400 Orchard Road


Singapore 238875